Buck EP

by Macbeth

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    Lyrics and production by Michael Woods.

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released July 1, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Macbeth Nashville, Tennessee

hip-hop and spoken word. Erase the blueprints for materialism, racism, sexism, imperialism, inequality.

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Track Name: Clapper
James Clapper needs an affidavit
in Guantonomo bay, force fed like rabbits
go ask yaasin Bey, they can’t escape it
I stab into the heart of the matter
spit onto glass and make it shatter
I’m an addict for more than pitter patter
sleeping in clothes tattered, bad luck follows
like pale horse with a black saddle, missiles without battles
I shake my rattle, I'm ecstatic for little more average
spittle on my shirt, who’s the maverick
erratic McCain tries to explain why we need
a larger budget to protect a citizen, but most of us
are cringing in this system with no representation
it’s this nation overviewed and under rules
of oligarchic and carsick manifestations of lawlessness
evolved to global politics shit we need to park it
and spark it, light the barrel of canon
demanding the arc will embark it, stand and
point the cameras at the man behind slammah
is he jamming, Just a lack of understanding
Time to up the ante-then,
poor corporate planning them, ascend to more
micro-managing, if it’s not peace,
what are we demanding, then?

I’m just asking, what sort of suggestion
could penetrate our ears, an inspection
of incest in your mind, breeding your ideas
in discussion, not the fears that we’re fed on
meet opposite views with a hard on, head on
directly to the forehead, spread your views
and let others intercept em, see we bred them
to infect them, but to accept them
no propagandic injections, idyllic imperfections
have another as we smother our discoveries respect em,
can we love our idiosyncrasies under
one and another affect one of our brothers
and not plunder their earth for what’s worth
rebirth into asunder, but to wonder
at life’s hungers, I want more than another war blunder
I want these perpetual machine broken and encumbered,
unearth the undertow, who is running the puppet show
fiscal love for no people, corporate freethrow
well hell no, not another war to tear at
their bone marrow, I’ll leave another scarecrow
of the imperial, they say watch more tv
and eat more cereal, there we go

Try to take this one solo, flying like drones
unpiloted cyclone of words off the do-ome
No chrome, no flash, just red axes, death and taxes
When they axe us, I just back up, put your hands up
take all you want is our practice, check your fact list
you’re tactless, we’re sackless, we’ve got no chance to redact it
Enact the truth and ask it if we can follow it,
Spit from tongue on our lips but we can’t swallow it
So we’re sipping with inebriated innocence
drinking rich and rare with the homies
just show me kids
the blade that brought democracy, below me
corporate revolving door oligarchy can blow me
Hold me back before I sack these devils advocates corporate lobbyists
grave robbers just persist.
So we Shake our puny fist in the face of AMERICAN politics.
Along the way we slipped, kipped our glasses back
Forgot all of it
Water and blood don’t mix, you fucking idiots
Track Name: Sneakaheads (Materials)
Yo check it

<I got these fly ass kicks>
oh shit where’d you get em
<Nike headquarters bitch
air jordans get wit em
laces so smooth you would think they were silk
purple green low graphic keep it classic even wilt
chamberlain couldn’t sport em
yeah they’re too damn dope
handmade like my grandmother’s quilt
I would choke
if I saw them sell for less than two g’s>
but how much blood was spilt?
when fingers get sewn together do they bleed?
and how many whips did it take to sate this greed?
recreate the American dream and pollinate the seed
hip thrust gun butt to the teeth
muzzle in the mouth Cambodia receives

another dictator, pawn of the privileged germinator
came with our freedom fighters they can thank us later,
how many chillen in factory? burning their olfactorys
with chemicals spilling on rubber leather upper bodies fasting
so you can idolize the rubber ball classist mastery
slave holding ancestry, still ruling those masses

<you’ve been reading too much mother jones,
I’ve been on the telephone trying to earn them bones
whether selling these sneaks or renting out my home
been working for weeks and still spending what I owned
aren’t we all, but those drawls and paintballs and guitars
made in wage slavery land and follow none of our laws
but check it out here, we still feed our loved ones without fear
and it sounds weird
but now we’re
the only song left from the bound seer, I steer clear of crowd here
So listen the representatives from our prison system
keeps the same slaves from the chain days, con game with no mores
and sweat shops 15 cents an hour gotta buy the shampoo just to take a shower
or to file a complaint, and that’s the kind of workforce brand Made in the USA, now what you got to say, acting like our own workers get paid>

but it’s no Apollo or crystal ballo that keeps our vision tough to followj
we still wallow in our pistols filling tomorrow with death and sorrow
made to borrow from our tarot cards a bit of skull and gallows
these maladies of sovereignty kings beheading all of these
subjects who don’t follow the laws of the land that make them callow
and faces sallow, yellow green with the aloe, getting burned
swimming in the shallows, and so you shadow these factories
like a vulture chasing marshmallow sparrows and harsh pall-o bearers
while this coffin gets tossed in the hollow ground from wheelbarrow
you help make this world sterile, 18 hour days for pair of nikes hello

<but I sterilize only to survive, look at my apartment
loose change and coffee stains soaking the carpet
sleeping on the cot with nothing else to calm it
Coulda used the couch but it’s wallowing in vomit
swallowing some comet just to brush my teeth>
so you buy these sneaks?
<but check my wallet, earning more honest cash
than molly, mollify these malevolents?
sorry I don’t have the time
to worry about it,
not once not twice, not once>
Track Name: Stacking Rocks
I remember setting stones along the river
in the cinder fires of tinted opinions.
I descended into the chilled rocks' water,
defended by leather skin and warm dinners,
and for a moment I forgot my intentions,
well, rescinded my decision to append a moat
on the nylon river, covering my feet in airtight,
locked and knitted plastic slippers.
I pretended. yeah I pretended
But up-ended on the shore I tried so hard to
comprehend it, but forget it, I’m bored
so I tried to change it, couldn't understand it
so I blamed it for things I underestimated
the mosquitoes and beetles’ cracked shells
ocean swells (I) called dark spells, warlocks
so I built my moat, at least that’s what I called it
and wove my cloak of bullfrog livers and cold slivers
of dead flesh, flushed out from the spoiled river
I meant never when I said forever,
body hair in warm sweaters and blocks of cheddar
along the stacking rocks, feeling lost
grasping at some sense of balance,
calcium dust of crustaceous pieces of chalk
I was recalcitrant towards my mother’s talents
so I silenced her and never looked back
took all the rocks from my nap sack
and scattered them across the waters
so our sons and daughters could be upset
never knowing how to get their feet wet

and I spoke so seldom,
the fish could fall to sleep as I held them
right before I shelled them, separated
head from spinal cord, kept their fins
from flapping backwards and overboard
showed them how invasive people like m e
can be when they’re bored,
I don’t want restoration, No I just want to explore
how I first forded the river, and told
the banks to forgive me as I slipped
the wagon wheels on the muddied sand
and flipped them off as I embarked
shooting sparks at the tree’s bark
to show how powerful we are,
we are well I am quick to respond and
collaborate, quick to turn, replicate
whatever I learned, but who could corroborate
our story, as I burned all of our enemies
found themselves as part of gory history
expecting listlessly to be included
nah, fools, you think you contributed?
I’m quick to refute it, who yearned to study the bones
first, the Greeks or the Sheiks,
too weak to tumble these stones
so I seek another lobotomy technique
How sleek in this boutique, I speak only to offer the
dichotomy a third piece, besides reason and desire
just cease, stoically proceed to build up these
fences, right along the creek’s cool flowing memory
where all thoughts creep together, the story commences
I recompense for forgotten offenses
one rock starts to tumble, literally I fumble
as they fall from my grasp like a broken ladder,
slapping stones hiss like the teeth of an adder
slowly sipping on his own venom, and the stream
finds nothing living in her, no more a river,
hollowed out, my chocolate senses numbed and opted
out for a piece of nature’s lawlessness,
just a just a just a mistake
just a dead kingsnake and a fake bullfrog’s carcass
washed clean like blackboard chalkless
Track Name: Soul Dance
I used to say shit like:

“Prayer to lord just to get them out they habits
religious fanatics, a community of addicts
chewing on a radish like rabbit feeling spicy
carrot on a stick chasing god nothing suffices
the dregs of ignorance
sentences with propaganda
sorry to impose
just the clothes
of simple candor
That I bear but I swear I shouldn’t care
what’s the answer
agnostic to the skin
Skeptic to the pores”

(These) Rancid
ideas grow
when the wealthy need more systems to control
the poor
often that’s what it seems, but now I only mean no more
feed the poor
heal the weak, seek the real origins
but it also says the meek
will inherit the earth
but that’s ignoring them
those who own it now
those who bone it now
men in tall hats and fall spats
financial consultants turned to sultans

I let my soul dance in oldest wild
piece of mind, peace of body sometimes it’s way too tough to smile
but I’m older now, hate breeds disgust like rust my old skates
on these cold rakes,
cause I don’t need to hate, just change these nail files (&) stale wiles
stay awhile
Cause I don’t need to hate
just change, uh

addicted to that better life
lived with hopeless veins and needles filled
with gold gifts instead a fettered kites
feather light, scarlet letter like
I got an A for what
crimson on my chest like where’d you get those cuts
calling girls sluts for too much skin and debauchery
it bothered me if they slept with everybody but me
wanted to mold every body like pottery
wrote em love notes, pretending it was poetry
growing mold it’s musty and ornery
still the school honored me, and I don’t read into those
incisions no decisions for opportunity
liked me, cause I was white and had parents just like me
despite all the fights and teeth grinding
indubitably scout master stood behind me
let my background define me, let my social circles unwind me
confine me, that’s a lie, that’s a lie, but unlikely
anything else would have given the time to breathe
congregations gave me family, once or twice
Nonetheless it wasn’t I who rose this high
she was the rose of my live thorny like Jesus’s
sacrifice, as if that weren’t a fiction too

I cowered I cowered fucking coward
like we all do fearing death
veering left steering jest and irony
damn dawg nothing we could do
it was easy to notice me, joking and choking
on all the lies I spit
All the lies I spit now
Just to make my voice loud
just to make my dad proud
just to just you just who I wanted to see
costumes cost you more than personality
custom cuts details on Starbucks harpooning the
whales like Melville thought he was Bartleby
running wall street, easy to make life stale
push through push through push through
I pushed you tried to undermine these sails
derived formulas to make more sales
integrate more success seems we all just fail
just make more whales
just make more symbols
more metaphors to make life more simple
ahab’s wife staring at the stars twinkle
obsessed with whatever will destroy you
possessed by revenge or that gold dubloon
nailed to the mast like we hear those sirens swoon
still the sirens croon like a whale, come hither, come hither
Odysseus lifts his head, eyes withered
goes insane, complains like gold diggers with more
sunspot raisins wall street lozenge
left all us insolvent, party battles can’t solve it
and nothing congeals, it all dissolves with…
it all dissolves with…
get that alka seltzer tablet, it all dissolves
in the ocean it all dissolves with
Track Name: You Must Be Confused
I’m not a stereotype, I’m a proto
explosive 16 mm nitrate photo
Maverick like MCcain or Tony mofo Romo
domo, exclusive track just for my promo

I kick in the door, Biggie says no mo
but this insists I try to resist, but I don’t know
Try to take this one solo, flying like drones
unpiloted cyclone of words off the dome
No chrome, no flash, just red axes, death and taxes
When they axe us, I just back up, put your hands up
take all you want is our practice, check your fact list
you’re tactless, we’re sackless, meaning we’ve got no cajones
so I just regressed so far since the twenties
drinking rich and rare with the homies
just show me
the blade that brought democracy,
instead of this corporate revolving door oligarchy
Red-handed! You’ve caught me, dipping into the coffers
of our fathers, congress borrowing against with no bother
what didn’t exist, grave robbers just persist.
So we shake our puny fist in the face of american politics.
Water and blood don’t mix,

My eyes are bloodshot, my face is pale
Every bullet is money shot, it’s all for sale
So I Rail like the U-Bahn, with my face on the megatron
Go on, we’re bathing in the blood of Oman, well
We’re just pawns, I’m on enough pills
to kill every motherfucker from Exxon Mobile
I’m still confused with the rhetoric they use
language’s bastard fear and pathos ensued
I’ve been brainwashed since I walked through the doors
they said imagine all the love you can buy at the store
capitalism is everyone’s first choice
well I imagined something better than a fucking royales royce
communists rejoice, you were right from the start
but a political machine operates with no heart
Public or private, you won’t last if you don’t buy it
They say just try it, just take it but deny it
something more than democratic we’re addicts
to convenience, fanatics erratic for this television static
so just between us, it’s a little problematic to get at it
to attack it, we’re easily swayed by the charismatic
stuck in these Wooden eyes, I’m alive, and I better be
demilitarized, eating flies so I can better free
myself and santa’s elves from this insanity
the sharecropping, floor mopping slaves of this economy
I want to shed light like summer’s heat has arrived
I want to lead fights like liberty were alive
I want to kill these avaricious men, everichone
were I knight and my sword a microphone
Do whatever you wanna, I’m never gonna letta greedy motherfucka
get away with it, without a little blood and spit
I’ll give them a chance to repent:
Blankfein, James P Gorman
and Bernie Madoff
only one’s in jail, I hope he has his dick ripped off
Timothy Geithner, Heads of Lehmen Brothers,
Heads removed, I want their bodies in the gutter
could you imagine it? If we were to win it
badges of honor mean more than murder
shit we can’t begin it, we get slower and pleased with our circumstances
We lost our chances to defend it, while the world gets warmer
we get colder I guess that’s just survival of the fittest, but I’m over it.
But I can’t cold shoulder it, as if I were Sisyphus rolling the cold boulder, it’s
my eternity to hold this bold portrait up, it’s enough to throw up.
we’ve grown up with our stomachs so stuffed and it’s tough to get up
when you’re useless, don’t be so fucking stupid.
don’t be so fucking stupid